Latin Night At Marlow Wednesday April 12 2017

It was another night of lots of fun dancing Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton and other Latin beats at Marlow Latin Night.

Frank “Salsa Guru” Bishun leading a Latin Dances class


Frank “Salsa Guru” Bishun leading a Latin Dances class

Last Latin Night Of The Year At Unionville

The last “Latin Night” of 2015 at The Mill in Unionville was a success, with the wonderful sounds of Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba delivered by “Salsa Guru” Frank Bishun. We just couldn’t stop dancing and enjoying the movement and the flow of the music.

We also enjoyed a Bachata lesson by Louis Peric of Louis demonstration of some sexy moves was fun and we’ll received and quickly put into practice on the dance floor.

Last night’s dance was a great way to say goodbye to Salsa at Unionville for the year. Thank you Frank for bringing Salsa to the north-east of Toronto and we wait for more dancing in the new year.

Frank and Shannon


“Salsa Guru” Frank Bishun

Salsa Night At Unionville December 10 2015

“Latin Thursday” at The Mill Bar and Grill in Unionville was another fun night of dancing to Salsa and Bachata favourites played by “Salsa Guru” Frank Bishun. We were a small group of Salsa and Bachata lovers and we had not one, not two, but three dance instructors in the house: Mohtar Sabir Louis Peric and Frank Bishun.

Mohtar was there dancing with lovely Rosa. It was such a delight to see them moving so well to the Latin rhythms of Salsa, Chacha, Bolero and of course romantic Bachata.

Louis and Frank showed us some advanced moves as well.

I’m looking forward to the last dance night of the year at The Mill this coming Thursday, December 17, 2015.

Mohtar and Rosa

Mohtar and Rosa




"Salsa Guru" Frank Bishun

“Salsa Guru” Frank Bishun

Errol’s Christmas And Last Party At Dovercourt House

Errol DSouza held his now legendary party at Dovercourt House for the last time. It was nice to see again many faces that have become familiar, dancing at the party and enjoying the rhythms of romantic Bachata and fun and fast Salsa. I have been attending Errol’s party for close to two years now and I couldn’t miss this one as it’s this party where I have the most fun, the most learning and just being there brings back great, dear memories of oh so many songs danced. And there are so many more songs still to dance, much more fun coming to us, great time to be shared with friends. So here we are, waiting for Errol’s announcement of the new venue.

Wanda and Lisa

Wanda and Lisa


Farook and Faith

Farook and Faith








Errol DSouza

Errol DSouza

Salsa Night At Unionville

Dancing Salsa and Bachata last night again was a lot of fun.  A small group of dancers came to the Mill Bar and Grill in Unionville and spend some time on the dance floor enjoying the music spun by “Salsa Guru” Frank Bishun. It’s good to see that the Latin Night in Unionville is gaining momentum and as more people knows about it the crowd will grow bigger. I can’t wait for next Thursday night.

And we got to enjoy a great Bachata lesson by Louis and Julia from! They are both great teachers and expressive dancers. It’s amazing seeing them dance together.

Louis and Julia from

Louis and Julija from



“Salsa Guru” Frank Bishun

Salsa Night at Richmond Hill

Another night of fun, dancing to Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. Salsa Guru Frank Bishun made sure to keep us moving with a great selection of tunes at The Crown in Richmond Hill.





“Salsa Guru” Frank Bishu

Salsa Night At Unionville

Unionville, Markham and Scarborough Salseros have a new Salsa Night hosted by Salsa Guru Frank Bishun. This new Salsa night is starting to call out to all Salseros and Bachateros to come dancing. Last night we had a small and enthusiastic group. Frank offered a crash course on basic Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Cumbia steps that was well received.

It was great to see Louis and Julia from showing some advance moves.

I’m looking forward for more fun at the Mill & Grill Restaurant on Main Street, Unionville.

The Mill Bar & Grill is located at 139 Main St., Unionville, ON.




Louis and Julia from